Pet Food for Dogs and Cats in Mercier (South Shore)

Choosing the right pet food for dogs and cats is the decision that will have the greatest impact on your pet's health. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to get overwhelmed by the varied selection available in the pet food aisles. Trust your veterinarian. With her many years of university study in the field of animal nutrition, your veterinarian will help guide you towards the best choice of diet for your pet.

Pet foods for dogs and cats adapted for their needs

Each animal has different habits and needs. Our team knows your pet and can help you find the best diet for their particular needs. Dental health, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, allergies and urinary problems are but a few of the issues that we often see in companion animals. Luckily, many of these conditions can be improved by feeding a high quality pet food.

Our team is here to listen and to help you navigate the pet food aisles. Many diets are available for your furry friends, even for those with the most discerning palate. The pet foods for dogs and cats available at our hospital (Hill's, Royal Canin, and Purina) have been carefully chosen and offer our patients the most balanced and nutritious diets available to meet their needs:

  • Growth for kittens ans puppies
  • A shiny coat with less shedding
  • Prevent bad breath and dental tartar
  • Pets with a sensitive stomach
  • Weight loss
  • Mature pets
  • Decrease allergy symptoms
  • Aid in the treatment of certain medical conditions and illnesses

High quality ingredients

The best diets for cats and dogs contain high quality ingredients that are easily digestible. We only recommend diets that have been proven by science and research to provide quality nutrition for our patents.

Please do not hesitate to trust our team with your concerns regarding your pet's habits and lifestyle. Good nutrition is essential to maintaining your companion's health and well-being.

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Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel or modify an appointment, please notify us 24 hours in advance so that we can offer this time slot to another animal in need of care.
Please note that a fee of $ 75 will be charged for an appointment missed without notice, and must be paid before other services are rendered.