Veterinary Services and Pet Care in Mercier (South Shore)



Our team takes care for your pets as if they were our own.

Dental Cleaning & X-Rays

One of the leading causes of discomfort for pets today is dental disease. As part of your pet’s physical examination, the veterinarian will assess its dental health and will recommend the best solution for your pet. Many options are now available to prevent tartar and gingivitis from affecting your pet’s health, from regular brushing and specially-formulated dental diets to more extensive dental cleaning and prophylaxis. Should your pet require a dental cleaning under anaesthesia, digital dental XRays may be required to determine the health of your pet’s teeth in those hard-to-see areas, like below the gumline.

Orthopedic Procedures

Orthopedic injuries can encompass a variety of different ailments including sprains, ligament injuries, and fractures. Orthopedic procedures such as cast placement, cruciate knee ligament, patellar, and hip surgeries can be performed on appropriate patients. However, certain injuries may be referred to larger veterinary centers where a board-certified veterinary orthopedic specialists can evaluate your pet's needs.

Digital X-Rays

Radiographs, also known as “X-Rays”, enable veterinarians to better visualize your pet’s internal systems. The newest technology of digital radiology has allowed our team to take and process radiographs with greater ease and accuracy. As a result, your pet benefits from a faster radiographic interpretation and diagnosis.

Hospitalization & Medical Care

Even with the best preventative care, your pet may one day need to be hospitalized for treatment. The veterinarian will establish a treatment protocol and our nursing team will be committed to getting your pet back on its feet as soon as possible. We will do everything within our power to ensure that your pet is warm and comfortable. We encourage owners to visit their pet and we pledge to keep you apprised of your pet’s progress with daily updates and follow-up.

On-Site Lab & Veterinary Pharmacy

When your pet is sick, time is of the essence. Our extensive on-site laboratory provides quick and accurate results to allow for the efficient treatment of your pet’s illness, with most results being available the same day. Your veterinarian can also recommend detailed profiles in order to establish the best preventative care for your pet. The hospital pharmacy is stocked with over 400 medications and veterinary-specific products at our disposal. This ensures that your pet will have access to the latest in treatment options at all times. Our trained veterinary team is able to answer any questions you may encounter about the effects of these medications on your animal.


Acupuncture is recognized as a compelling and safe method of pain control in pets. Acupuncture is most often relaxing for pets, who generally enjoy their treatments. Acupuncture can be used for joint pain from arthritis or other orthopedic issues, for back pain or for pain from soft tissue injuries. Acupuncture can help regulate the immune system and can be used as adjunct treatment for allergies. Certain cases of anxiety can respond to acupuncture as well as some internal conditions.


Cat & Dog Behaviour

People and pets don’t always speak the same language. When that communication breaks down, our team is here to help. Each member of our team is specially trained to help you safely correct commonly encountered behavioural concerns, such as puppy socialization and litter-box issues.

Cat Grooming

Everyone needs to feel pampered once in a while. When your cat’s hair-coat has gotten out of control, let our team return your furry friend to its original splendour. A light sedative will be administered under the careful monitoring of our veterinary nurses while your pet is groomed as per your request. After a bath and blow-dry, your cat will look and feel good as new.

Therapeutic Laser

This innovative therapy involves applying a class 4 laser directly to affected areas during several short sessions, as determined by the treatment plan, in a pain-free and relaxing environment. Usually used for the treatment of arthritic pain, the therapeutic laser has been shown to reduce joint inflammation and pain, as well as to improve joint flexibility and healing, allowing for the possible decrease of anti-inflammatory medications. In addition to the treatment of arthritic pain, the therapeutic laser may aid in the treatment of other illnesses such as herniated disk disease and skin wounds.


It is difficult it is to imagine our lives without the presence of our cherished pet. The decision to let our companion leave us, to escape suffering, can be heart-breaking, and our team can help you and your family through this difficult process. A family room will be made available to accommodate you and your loved-ones, providing a comfortable space to share a quiet moment with your pet. When the time comes, a sedative will be administered to help calm your beloved pet, thereby decreasing his stress and allowing him to live his final moments in peaceful rest. The decision to remain present for the final procedure is at your discretion. Following the procedure, the body will be transferred with all respect for cremation, either as a communal cremation (where the ashes are collected with those of other animals) or as a private cremation (where the ashes of your animal are gathered into an urn of your choosing.)

Online VetStore

Shop for your pet without leaving home! Our online VetStore offers the same diets and pet foods found at our hospital, as well as a wide variety of high quality products, like accessories, leashes, collars and toys for your companion, and home delivery makes shopping at our VetStore even more convenient.