Visiting the vet for a surgical procedure

Here are a few instructions to follow when your pet has been scheduled for surgery at our hospital:

  1. COVID instructions: Contact our team before your appointment in order to learn more about the guidelines to follow. Procedures may differ from those listed.
  2. A few weeks prior to the procedure date, a link will be sent via email allowing you to complete the necessary authorization form. In order to ensure the reservation of the appointment, please complete the document within 48 hours.
  3. We ask that you feed your pet no later than 8 pm the night before surgery, and do not give any food or treats the morning of the procedure. Water is permitted at all times.
  4. If your cat normally goes outside, we ask that you keep him inside the night before and the morning of the scheduled surgical procedure.
  5. For your pet’s safety, we recommend that your pet remain in a carrier or be kept on a leash during your visit to the hospital. Should you not have a carrier at your disposal, one can be provided to you (a deposit is required, and this sum will be reimbursed once the carrier has been returned to the hospital.)
  6. Bring your pet to the hospital the morning of the surgery at the predetermined appointment time. Anticipate approximately 10-15 minutes to meet with the medical team and to review the authorization form.
  7. If it is more convenient, you may choose to bring your pet to the hospital the night prior to the procedure, at no additional cost. In this case, a member of our team can schedule the arrival appointment that best suits your schedule.
  8. Please bring a small portion of your pet’s food in a ziploc bag so that we can continue the same feeding while your pet stays with us. If your pet requires medication on the day of the procedure, please bring the medications with you. The medical team will ensure that the dosage regimen is continued as prescribed.
  9. It is very important that you provide a telephone number where you can be reached at all times during your pet’s stay at the hospital. The veterinarian must be able to contact you quickly in case of emergency, as well as once the procedure is completed.
  10. Cancellation Policy: Our team does everything in its power to ensure that our patients are properly cared for in a timely manner, and for this we need your help. If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so that we may offer the appointment to another pet in need. Please be advised that a $ 75 fee will be charged for an appointment missed without prior notice and will be payable prior to any further services being rendered.