Preparing for your visit

We want to make sure that your pet's visit at Hôpital vétérinaire Mercier will be as nice as possible. We invite you to schedule an appointment and read our tips on how to make your pet's visit the best possible.

We want your visit to the Mercier Veterinary Hospital to be as pleasant as possible. We invite you to prepare for this appointment with your pet.


A visit to the veterinarian can sometimes be a source of stress for your pet. But simple actions taken quickly can help make this experience a positive one. The team at Hôpital Vétérinaire Mercier can give you a few tips that you can try as soon as the first appointment is scheduled. 

Our advice to prepare your pet

The first visit to the veterinary clinic can be a simple introductory visit for your pet. It will make future visits more pleasant: evaluating his general health, weighing him, petting him, and giving him cookies. 


When making an appointment, please let the medical staff know about your pet’s potential anxiety. Depending on availability, the Mercier Veterinary Hospital team will be happy to adapt it’s scheduling and advise other team members of the special attention to be given to your pet. 


Sometimes, it may be best to avoid the busiest hours, in the evening or on weekends, in order to decrease stress caused by the presence of other animals.


To reduce your pet’s level of anxiety, there are two possible treatments. The use of pheromones common because it is simple to use and safe. The product should be sprayed in the animal’s transport cage or in the car prior to departure. Otherwise, certain medications can be administered after a discussion with on of our veterinarians beforehand. 


You may also want to avoid feeding your animal right before the visit. Once on-site, you can give him the treats you brought with you. This can be done in the waiting room to help your pet reduce its stress level, or once the visit is over as a reward.

Our tips to get ready to meet the vet

Once you’ve prepared your pet for its visit, it is time to think about everything you need to get ready. The Mercier Veterinary Hospital team is there to help you with these steps. 

Your pet’s veterinary care is an investment in its health. It is therefore important to clearly define the reasons why you wish to come to our establishment. We will then be able to tell you the cost of a visit to the veterinarian based on the physical examination and care that need to be performed.

Anticipate all the points to be discussed, such as :

  • vaccinations
  • dental health
  • nutritional needs (meal frequency and amounts)
  • the presence or absence of parasites
  • the presence or absence of disease (possible blood tests to be scheduled)
  • sterilization 
  • deworming
  • the installation of an identification microchip

We are happy to help you in caring for your pet. After all this advice, you are ready for your appointment with our team at Hôpital Vétérinaire Mercier.  If you have any questions please call us.