Patient comfort during surgery

The comfort of our patients is one of our greatest concerns.  It is for this reason that we include complimentary pain-control medication with every routine surgical procedure, such as spays and neuters. On the morning of the surgery, an injection of Tolfedine, an anti-inflammatory medication, is given to every animal. This medication provides analgesia for the following 24 hours, allowing your pet to enjoy a comfortable recovery from surgery. Furthermore, all cats undergoing a declaw procedure benefit from a second injection given the next day at no extra charge, providing a comfortable environment for those first crucial days after surgery. In cases where a cat weighs more than 5kg, a fentanyl patch applied directly to the skin will administer stronger pain control for the first three to five days after surgery.

Other options for additional pain control are also available, such as laser surgery as well as the administration of oral anti-inflammatory tablets. Our team members can explain these different options and help you decide which choice best suits your pet.