Indestructible Dog Toys: Do They Really Exist?


Many dog toy makers boast about the quality of their products, going so far as to they that they are indestructible. Does an indestructible dog toy really exist?  And if so, what should we look for when choosing a new toy?

Common dog toys

Many indestructible dog toys found in stores are made from natural rubber. Whether hard or soft, these toys can resist strong muscular forces exerted by the dog’s jaw. Frisbees, balls, hollow toys for hiding treats… many ingenious shapes and sizes are available to safely please your pets.

Home-made toys

These days, DIY (Do It Yourself) toys are becoming more and more popular with inventive pet owners. Making toys yourself means that you can control the components involved, save a little money, all while using your own creativity to design a toy tailored for your dog’s preferences. If your dog is particularly rough with his toys, it can become expensive to replace them all the time. Making his toys yourself can help save time and money!

Rope is a common component of indestructible dog toys. Choose very strong rope, braid the strands together, and tie a knot to each end. Voilà! An easy-made toy to keep your dog busy for hours on end!

If you have more than one dog, you can repurpose an old pair of jeans or use very strong cording to create a braid with multiple branches. Instant tug-of-war!

Used tennis balls are also excellent components for DIY dog toys. Keep in mind however that tennis balls are not indestructible, unless your dog is of a smaller breed. One example would be to slice a ball open and hide treats inside. Try tying two balls together with rope. Another trick is to hide a tennis ball inside a knotted sock to create a chew toy.

But is it really “indestructible”?

An indestructible dog toy for a Chihuahua will not be the same as one for a Dobermann, unless we’re talking about a miniature Dobermann-Pinscher! Toys found in stores are usually stronger than home-made versions because they are made with tougher materials. Durability will usually depend on how often the toy is played with, the size and strength of the animal, as well as how rough the dog can be with his toys. While some dogs are content with pushing toys or rolling them around, others will chew them up and pull them apart.

“Indestructible” dog toys are meant to last longer and decrease the likelihood of injury. Keep a watchful eye on your dog’s toys and do not let him play with a broken or damaged toy: he could accidentally swallow pieces of plastic, fabric or rope, or he could even choke on broken toy pieces.

As you can see, truly indestructible dog toys don’t really exist. A toy’s durability is not only affected by the material it is made from, but also how the toy is used. All that’s left to do now is choose or create strong toys that can stand the test of time!