Heartworm Disease in Quebec

Previously found only in the United States, heartworm disease has gradually spread and now is a major concern here in Quebec. Mosquitoes serve as mediators to the spreading of the parasite; they bite both infected and healthy dogs. When an infected mosquito bites a dog, they transmit the larvae. Several months later, adult worms settle in the heart and cause serious health problems.


An annual blood test is used to determine whether or not your dog is infected. This test also detects the animals which have Lyme disease, along with two other diseases (Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis) which can be transmitted by ticks. This test should be done in the spring and if your dog is not infected, a preventive program can then be started. A simple monthly medication can eliminate any developing heartworm larvae transmitted by mosquitoes throughout the warmer months.

With the help of our staff, you will be able to establish a preventive program for your pet that may include heartworm, intestinal parasite, flea, mite or tick control.