5 Dog Obedience Training Exercises to Practice at Home


While dogs are man’s best friend, we clearly don’t speak the same language. We must therefore learn to communicate so that we can understand each other. Because they’re also an extremely intelligent living being, it’s possible to teach them dog training exercises so that they obey orders or learn to do a multitude of things. Here are 5 dog obedience training exercises to practice at home:

Doing their business

Essential to living in harmony with humans, a dog must learn when and where to do their business during the first few days after they arrive at home, while they’re still a very young puppy. To make this happen relatively quickly, begin by letting them out at regular times and marking off an area for them to do their business before letting them go for long walks. Only once they’ve fully grasped their area for doing their business and they’ve learned that that’s what they need to do before they can go play will they start asking you to go out themselves for that. Don’t hesitate to reward them as soon as they start doing their business at the right times and in the right places.


Teaching a dog to sit to make them wait is a basic exercise that you can apply from the start to let them learn more complex exercises afterwards. It’s a good exercise to teach them to obey orders given in the sound of your voice. For this exercise to work, make sure to reward your dog when they sit down after you say “sit.”

Lying down

Once your four-legged friend has fully grasped “sit,” and using the observations you’ve made while teaching them to sit, you can teach them to lie down in the sound of your voice. To do this, make them sit, then pull their front legs gently towards you while saying “lie down.” You can also reward them when they lie down by themselves.

Walking properly

For the first few walks with your puppy on a leash, we recommend staying in your yard or inside your house, so that they aren’t traumatized by the leash in case of street noises that could confuse them or make them anxious. Once they’ve gotten used to the leash while walking with you, start walks in calm outdoor areas and teach your dog to stay close to your legs while still giving them more space to feel free in their movements. For this leash learning exercise, you have to interact with your dog a lot, especially to congratulate them as soon as they’ve walked by your side for a few minutes without darting to the left or right.

Time to go to bed

The bed training exercise is very important for your dog and your family. Indeed, it lets you avoid situations where the dog begs or doesn’t let go of trying to achieve their purposes. When you’re eating at the table and they start begging for a piece of food, “go to bed” is especially useful. To teach them the phrase “go to bed” as the act of going to their space without this being a punishment for them, teach them the phrase “good dog” when they go lie down and reward them as soon as they figure it out.